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Big Bang Versus Creation

     The discussion between Big Bang Versus Creation is not accepted as legitimate by many people. This applies to both sides of the discussion. It seems that both sides have their own opinions and bases that direct their thinking. The creationists claim that the Bible holds all of the answers to creation, and that we need to look no further than Genesis Chapter One for our answers. All the facts that the creationist claim they need are in the Bible. Those who believe that everything came from the big bang, however, turn to scientific fact to base their claims.

     Yet, no matter how much factual evidence science presents to creationists, the creationist are unrelenting in their support of the Bible. Can, the Bible be considered “reason” and “fact” when the creationists insist that the heavens and the Earth were created in only six short days? What is science missing that the creationists see about the origins of the “Heavens and the Earth”, that is to say, the Universe? Could Christians be onto something that science is not picking up on?

     When we listen to many of the scientists talk, we hear them utterly rejecting any notion that the Bible has any merit to it whatsoever. To many scientists, the Bible is just a bunch of unprovable stories made up by writers of the time. Yet, most of the historical stories in the Bible are backed up by other sources. The issue of creation, however, is not specifically supported by any other historical documents. In fact, many cultures have their own creation stories. Some are ridiculous, and others share some interesting, although far reaching, points with the Bible’s creation story. Russ Lindemann’s book The Science of GodCreation, Intentional Design, Big Bang, and EvolutionThe Debate, published by Aleph Publications, explores the physics of how it all came to be and presents big bang alongside of creation to compare the two theories in order to demonstrate the likelihood, or unlikelihood of either perspective.

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     Just how did the stars form? And are humans actually made from the remnants of those stars? Did God really say “let there be light” and then light existed? It’s easy to accept either side when the underlying philosophy and morality is in alignment with our own preferred beliefs. But what about when what you see contradicts what you believe, can we still consider ourselves honest when our beliefs contradict the facts the surround us? Details about these two perspectives can be read in The Science Of God. Answers to many people’s questions are found in this thought provoking book.

     There’s a great misunderstanding in regard to Big Bang Versus Creation because the discussion often turns to evolution, which is something that, according to scientific theory, began long after the big bang laid down the fundamentals. The Book, The Science of GodCreation, Intentional Design, Big Bang, and EvolutionThe Debate, shatters our current understanding of the Big Bang Versus Creation debate and sheds a whole new light on how it all came to be.


Bending The Ruler - Time Travel, The Speed of Light, and Gravity

The Defeat of The Creation Evolution Debate

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